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Bryan Nazor Lays Out Expert Real Estate Closing Tips

Title closing expert Bryan Nazor shares some invaluable tips and tricks for ensuring a smooth close.   It’s no secret that real estate closings can become a nightmare-and-a-half if you haven’t properly prepared yourself and your home. Even if you’ve taken every precaution you could possibly think of, it’s entirely possible that unforeseen complications may […]

Millennial Home Buying Anticipated to Spike in 2020: Title and Real Estate Closing Expert Bryan Nazor Weighs In

Experts Project 2020 Will See Increase in Millennials Purchasing Homes- Bryan Nazor Explains Why Title and real estate closing expert Bryan Nazor keeps a close eye on real estate projections for the future, and Forbes’ real estate forecast was one that caught his eye. Home-buying was rocky in 2018, but next year is anticipated to see an […]